Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Twins? again

First Dublin, now Belfast. I have to admit I'm surprised to read that Belfast has been twinned with Hefei in China.

Look, I understand the realistic approach to China. There's money to be made there. We're all a little greedy. Still, there should be some limits to how much kowtowing we'll do to eek out another buck from Chinese deals, no? Twinning our cities with Chinese cities should be unacceptable.

What do any of us know of Hefei? I know nothing, but a two minute google search led me to information about Hefei's labor camp. How is it Guantanamo Bay can raise so many voices in opposition here, but a city that has a labor camp where people of certain religious beliefs are detained, employed as slaves, even possibly brainwashed and/or killed is worthy of a twinning? And, nobody seems to protest.
Li Mei – tortured to death in 2000 in Hefei Labor Camp for practicing Falun Gong.