Tuesday, June 28, 2005


The M50 (ring road around Dublin) is finally nearing completion. It looks finished when I drive by it. Of course, it's only two lanes when it should be 3 at a minimum, probably 4, but I'm hoping it'll have a positive effect on traffic in this part of N. Wicklow.

I've been waiting for this road for the past 6 years, but my patience is as nothing when you realize that the road was first proposed 34 years ago!

The new (& last) section of the M50 will be open on Thursday. What's kind of cute is that the signs are already up. That means anyone who doesn't know better (say, a tourist from England coming off the Rosslare ferry) is being directed onto the new road, which of course is not yet open.

No matter how much Ireland changes, these little oddities are what make visiting here special. Being confused by road signs is part of the charm, or so people here would love to imagine. Otherwise, it's just infuriating incompetence.