Friday, January 07, 2005

250 years ago . . .

a minor war was fought on the N. American continent. It was an off-shoot of the bigger Seven Years War in Europe. Still, the upshot of England's victory over France was the foundation for all that has become of N. America since.

Today's United States and Canada are two siblings born of that war. England's victory is why most people in N. America speak English today. It also begat the War of Independence that started twenty years later.

I don't know if we got more in school about the "French & Indian War" than kids in other parts of America, but there was always a lot of emphasis on the war. That might have been because most of the fighting took place in the area I grew up in. Last of the Mohicans is set in the area from Albany to Lake George {although the Daniel Day Lewis movie was filmed in N. Carolina, I believe}.

Today, Lake George is a great vacation place. Fort William Henry's big gun booms out over the lake regularly. And, in a recent tip of the hat to the French role in local history, the biggest cruise ship on the lake is now called the Lac du Saint Sacrement.