Saturday, November 06, 2004

We don't like complexity

And, just in case you think that the Daily Mirror is the only purveyor of the notion that Bush supporters are dumb, here's Fintan O'Toole {sub. required} in Thursday's Irish Times:
a majority of American voters prefer to imagine a world divided between the Righteous and the Evil-doers than to deal with the complex problems of their vast nation.
You see? We couldn't possibly have recognized complex problems and rejected the solutions offered by Mr. Kerry as ineffectual. No, we're simpletons. We see the world in simple terms and want simple solutions.

Just because the Bush campaign was able to convey what it was about in straight-forward and consistent terms does not mean that those who voted for him consider him to be simple or that his policies will be simple.

On the other hand, Mr. Kerry offered mutiple solutions to the same problems. In other words he offered confusion because neither he nor the electorate was exactly sure what he was offering. And, it's as simple as that.