Thursday, November 04, 2004

Im so dum!

Yup. Dum. Thats me.

Didnt even no that til I red the headline on front page of todays Daily Mirror. At leest there are 59 million others just as dum as me.

This front page sums up so much about the arrogance and ignorance of so, so, so many people in both Britain and Ireland (and the US too, it has to be said). Still, I never thought I'd see it in a newspaper headline.

Interestingly, in the edition I saw on sale here, there is a quarter page size picture of the area between Serena Williams's legs as she sits in a short skirt, presumably minus underwear. The Mirror's sense of good taste compelled them to draw in a tennis ball over the crucial area so I can't be sure. These are the people who are lecturing me - printing pictures that are a complete invasion and pandering to, . . ., whom? Their oh, so intelligent readers?

Gimme a break!