Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Commemorative plaque

Lisa Allison was a 21 year old student in 1996 when she went home to Liberty, TX to visit her family. Lisa had earlier survived a battle with thyroid cancer and now she was preparing to work in the hotel industry once she had finished her studies at the University of Las Vegas.

It was 8:30pm on April 3 and Lisa had a date the following day, so she took her father's car to the local car wash to get it cleaned. Unfortunately for Lisa, an animal named Robert Brice Morrow was at the car wash when Lisa got there. Morrow kidnapped Lisa and murdered her. He beat her severely and slit her throat before he tossed her body in a near-by river.

Robert Brice Morrow. This is the man who some people in Cork want to commemorate. They want to scatter his ashes and erect a commemorative plaque to him in the graveyard in Kilmurray.

I've said before I'm not a death penalty supporter. I still don't see why opposition to the death penalty has to mean honoring, which is how this seems, those who are executed for heinous crimes such as Morrow's. Let him be buried in Texas.

I'm sure the people of Liberty are outraged. Why shouldn't they be? Wouldn't the people of Clare be outraged if someone in the US decided to commemorate Brendan O'Donnell in a similar fashion? I bet they would.