Friday, September 17, 2004

If you're a long-standing Bruce fan . . .

You should check in with Chris at alt tag on a regular basis. Chris is in the middle of a now nearly one-year-old revelation.

Before 2003, Bruce Springsteen was just another name to Chris, another singer she occasionally heard on the radio. Now she is, I guess the word is ... obsessed. I worry about her. I don't think she's made it to Freehold yet (she hasn't mentioned it on the blog, anyway), but that can't be far away. Soon she'll be quitting her job to fly to NJ to hang out near where Bruce gets his oil changed.

For anyone who's been a fan for a long time it's like watching a child wonder the first time he throws a rock that makes ripples in a pool. You just sit back and smile at it all.