Saturday, September 11, 2004

3 years on

I can't think of anything to say this year that I didn't say last year. Last year, I was new to blogging and I spit out a lot on September 11.

I'm still obsessed by the day, however. It's probably not healthy. I can't explain why I'm obsessed, but then again I don't feel any need to explain or justify my obsession. It just is.

I want to buy and read the 9/11 Commission report - just haven't gotten around to it yet. I watch all the television programs during the "September 11" season. Yes, there's definitely a "September 11" season, culminating today.

I read everything I can, especially if it's written by Jim Dwyer.

Still, I can't avoid 'moving on'. Each year the feelings are a little less intense. Normal, I'm sure. And, I don't feel guilty about that either. That's what is supposed to happen with the passage of time.