Saturday, August 14, 2004

How 'bout some editing?

Does anyone actually edit the Irish Independent, particularly the articles written by Conor Cruise O'Brien?

This article from today's Independent has the kind of blooper that makes me shake my head in wonder.
The present Governor of California George Kazantsakis, was elected in 2002 with the active support of President Bush, who campaigned for him in the State, and toured the State with the new Governor immediately after his election. The new Governor pledged his support for the re-election of President Bush immediately after his own election as Governor. He has recently renewed his pledge of support for the re-election of the President.
I'm willing to cut Cruise O'Brien a lot of slack not because I agree with him, but because he's 87 years old. And I know old people get these kinds of things mixed up.

There is only one state governor that I would expect any Irish newspaper editor to know instantly (maybe two, if you count Gov. McCreevey of NJ today) and that is the current governor of California.

For any Independent editors that may be reading this, here are a couple of hints as to who the governor of California is:
  1. He was in a few movies
  2. Liverpool FC played a match in a stadium named for this man
{NOTE: I'm assuming this article is written by Cruise O'Brien based on the style, but the Independent doesn't actually provide any attribution.}