Thursday, August 12, 2004


If there's one thing I don't know enough about it's the people who read this blog. I have no idea what really interests them. So, now the Irish Eagle has been added to the links list at The Eddie Kranepool Society I feel that at least some of the people coming from that page will be looking for something, anything on baseball. After all, Stephen, who writes The Eddie Kranepool Society page, never lets anything less important than the fortunes of the NY Mets darken his page. No space wasted on politics, the environment (other than when the Mets are rained out or there's a problem with the turf at Shea) or other drivel like his wife, children and life in general.

No, for Stephen, it's strictly NY Mets baseball.

Now that I have your attention, one of the benefits of watching games on NASN is that we get the local coverage from all the different cities in the league. What I've come to realize is that some of the other cities suffer with really, really poor announcing teams.

I grew up watching the Mets (thanks Bob Murphy), Yankees, Red Sox and, when I was a little older, the Braves. I just assumed that all the teams had announcers of similar quality and style. How wrong I was. I could happily go the rest of my life without hearing Bip Roberts again. (If truth be told, same goes for Vin Scully, who I can't stand, but at least I can understand what he's saying.) Roberts is truly awful.

There are others who annoy or confuse me. Maybe I'll keep a list.