Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Olympic security

The Times (of London) had an article this morning indicating that American athletes were worried about security at the summer games in Athens. Nothing surprising about that, I suppose.

What I did find interesting is that those athletes who do not HAVE to participate in the Olympics were the ones who seemed most worried. Basketball and tennis stars are concerned and considering whether to go or not, while track and swimming athletes are trying to "limit the distractions". For the Williams sisters or members of the "Dream Team" (that name should be retired - there was only one Dream Team and they played in Barcelona; every US Olympic basketball team since then has merely been the best the NBA could offer. They couldn't hold a candle to that first team.) the Olympics are not much more than a marketing opportunity, an optional extra. That's why they're so sanguine about not going. I don't think it will really bother them much if they can't make it.