Sunday, March 07, 2004

Folk Mass

I loved David Quinn's description of the "dreaded folk Mass". He describes the priest who embraces the folk Mass as "resembling one of those teachers whose musical tastes go back 20 years and thinks that what he likes, his class of 15-year-olds will like as well. Instead, he accentuates just how out of touch he is".

I avoid folk Masses like the plague, but it isn't just folk Masses where the music is "secular instead of sacred". I've been to Mass on many occasions where I've been subjected to music written by (or originally performed by) Whitney Houston, REM, Eric Clapton, etc.

{As for the Taizé Mass in Dalkey – it's definitely not for me. Have had to endure that too many times. I always thought Taizé was a fancy word for folk – I couldn't tell the difference, other than there were no lights on.}