Friday, February 15, 2008

Rapping Roger

God knows I can't stand Roger Clemens. I really, really can't stand him. Aaaaaaaahhhhh. He makes my blood boil!

And, I hate what steroids have done to baseball.

So, on Wednesday I wanted to be thrilled when he was being hounded by Congress. I was ready to be excited listening to this ignoramus being brought low. It was going to be great.

In the end, I didn't catch the testimony, but I've read quite a bit the past two days and have listened to a fair amount of coverage on sports talk radio too.

And how did I feel reading all those articles, listening to all that discussion? Well, flat actually. The more I read/listened one question kept popping up in my head: Hasn't Congress got anything - anything at all - more important to do?

I'm convinced Clemens cheated. Was convinced without the hearing. I don't need Congress to tell me so. I'm convinced that many, many others in baseball cheated. Cheated us, the fans, and cheated all those who didn't get to make it in the big leagues because they wouldn't cheat. But, did they cheat the United States of America? Not really.

The steroids users broke the law, but you know what? There are many, many drug users in American society and I doubt Congress is about to hold hearings about them. I know Congress justifies this nonsense because baseball enjoys some protections from anti-trust laws, but why not investigate all the drug-taking by those who appear on the national airwaves? Do you think there might be any drug use among those who appear regularly on the federally regulated television networks?

Baseball needs to clean up the sport because I want it to. Me and my fellow fans, the market, the customers. Congress has no business here.