Monday, March 06, 2006

30c a bag

I may be repeating myself, but I hate the plastic bag charge. Before that charge, I never once let a bag blow around and become part of the litter-strewn landscape. So, when I was forced by the state to change my ways in an effort to address this problem I was annoyed (slightly, I have to admit).

And, I have changed my ways. I often used to walk to the store to get the odd item or two, but now I never do. Whenever I need anything I drive to the store (take that, environmentalists). I hate walking along as my empty canvas bag swishes at my side. So I don't do it. And, if I need something and happen to be walking by the small local grocery store, I don't go in for it. I just add it to the list of things to be purchased at the local branch of the colossal supermarket chain (and, take that environmentalists). Besides, I refuse to pay 15c for a bag.

However, not everyone is quite so, emm, 'frugal'. More people are buying bags today than when the levy was first introduced and the government is considering raising the charge. I heard one environmental activist on the radio calling for the charge to be doubled.

And, he wants greater enforcement because he believes that many stores have started handing bags out for free to people who ask for them. He's probably right - I saw two in a row this morning - but so what? There are still no bags blowing around, and that was the goal, right?

It always makes me laugh how these environmentalists want undercover plastic bag levy police, but balk at anything that has to do with the security of the state.