Wednesday, March 05, 2008

It lives

Yes, I called it right. I should be thrilled, right? Why do I have that queasy feeling in my stomach?

I think it's because I'm nervous that Obama has failed to drive a stake through Hillary Clinton's heart. He injured her, but he failed to finish her off and now she's on the prowl again. She can taste his blood. She'll be more dangerous now than she was in January, when she thought dismissing Obama as a lost lamb would work, or February, when she retreated licking her wounds looking for a new way to attack.

I can't imagine this ending before the convention now. And, at the convention, it'll be just like starting over, only instead of friendly smiling Hillary it will be the Clintons, off the leash, taking turns snapping at Obama behind closed doors. Obama simply has to prove he's thougher than he so far appears to be or he'll just be the young meat before the Clintons turn their attention to the old meat.

By the way, is Bill in seclusion or is the media just paying less attention?