Sunday, March 30, 2008

It gets serious from today

I like reading George Will, but I love reading him when he's writing about baseball.
Washington was the setting for "Damn Yankees," the most stirring drama since Shakespeare, who didn't do musicals. Opening in 1955, it concerned a Senators fan who sold his soul to the devil in exchange for one terrific season as a Senators outfielder. This is supposedly a Faustian bargain, but such bargains are presumed to be bad. What is a mere soul when weighed against such a season?
The season starts today (I'm discounting the aberration in Tokyo the other day). Finally something important to be concerned with after a winter of nonsense (I'm talking about Hillary & Barack).

The Mets begin tomorrow. Never has a new season been more welcomed. All of us Flushing Faithful are hoping that this year will remove the bitter taste of what happened last September. Patience will be in short supply this spring. Any hint of what happened at the end of last season will require sacrificial lambs.