Monday, February 25, 2008

Proud as punch in Bray

What a big weekend! First Dustin wins the Irish national song contest and then fellow Wicklow denizen Daniel Day Lewis wins an Academy Award. Who could sleep with all the partying around here.

Okay, maybe not that exciting, but I think Dustin's from Bray. He did once sing his version of "Born In The USA" as "Born In Little Bray", so we can claim him if we want. And, so what if Daniel Day Lewis is from England, he's lived in Wicklow longer than I have, so he's a genuine Wicklower (Wicklovite? Wicklovian? What is the right term anyway?) as far as I'm concerned.

I couldn't care less about Eurovision and I figured that a Dustin entry would be at least entertaining. I was wrong. Unlike some of Dustin's offerings from the past, this song is G A R B A G E. Uggh. It's not amusing. It's not music. It's unfunny, obnoxious noise.

I haven't seen "There Will Be Blood", so I can't say whether Day Lewis's Oscar is merited, but I'll assume it is.

I haven't seen Once either, but I get the feeling Glen Hansard's Oscar is merited too. Good for him. I never much cared for the Frames' music, but I doubt he's suffered greatly due to my inattention. Anyway, after hearing him being interviewed on RTE this morning I thought to myself 'good for you'. I don't know much about him, but he sounds like a decent guy. Here's the winning song.