Friday, February 08, 2008

Left to right

Fianna Fail Senator Donie Cassidy wants us to switch to driving on the right to help tourists and immigrants. He also wants immigrants and tourists to have a speed limit of 80 km/h because they're unfamiliar with the roads. Great ideas.

I just have a few minor issues to raise with Senator Cassidy:
  1. Will we have to have special change-over lanes when we cross the border to facilitate the switch from right to left side of the road when?
  2. Will the immigrants ever get to drive at the same limit as Irish drivers or will they be forever marked as "can't drive as well as us".
  3. What about immigrants who learn to drive here?
  4. Will tourists/visitors from the north and/or Britain also have to follow the tourists' speed limit?
  5. What about people like me who are technically not immigrants (Irish citizens/residents by virtue of parents/grandparents), but who learned to drive on the right?
  6. If we're going to switch from left to right, shouldn't it be the natives - rather than visitors/immigrants - who have to obey the lower limit as they won't be used to driving on the right while most visitors/immigrants are?
Maybe the Senator's proposal makes more sense in full than the article allows, but really, ..., the things Senators have to say/do to get attention.