Friday, February 01, 2008

Hope is hurting us

John Agresto's wrote a book about his experiences in Iraq. Argesto was "supportive of our going into Iraq, yet critical of our conduct once there and pessimistic about the future".

I like he how sums up the reaction he's had to his book from people on both the right and the left.
In the end, those perhaps most closed to the book were the hopeful ones. The hopeful on the right who think if we can just get democracy straight in the Middle East all will yet be well, and the hopeful on the left who put their money on "negotiation," greater communication, and mutual understanding.

Until we realize the depth of malevolence our enemies have for us, until we understand the hatred that religious fanaticism breeds, until we understand how difficult it is to make a decent democracy out of warring factions — until then, the politics of hope on both sides will continue to damage us.
I'd like to read this book.