Friday, December 15, 2006

Two thumbs up

I can understand why so many people rave about A Christmas Story. I can also understand why my daughters don't like it. I enjoyed it, but I bet I'd like it even more if I were talking about it with my brothers. I can easily imagine the conversation and all the connections to what we did as kids.

It's definitely a movie for any man who fondly remembers being a boy. And, like I said yesterday, all those winter scenes are great for any of us men who've moved away from real winters. Who doesn't remember some kid getting his tongue stuck on a car door or mailbox or whatever?

Ralphie is a great character with his innocent face and constant scheming. The mother's patience and understanding are a little overdone, but good here. And, Mr. Parker. He was my favorite. I know I've seen him here and there over the years, but to me he's always been the Night Stalker. Now I'll probably think of him as "The Old Man".

It's the recognition and the honesty that makes the movie great. And, even if I didn't see me or my brothers in every scene, I'm not sure there was any scene where I couldn't remember a friend or a neighbor who fit the bill. I can't wait to watch it again, maybe with a brother or two.