Thursday, December 14, 2006

The end of winter?

I was watching A Christmas Story last night (more later) and thinking about all those scenes of snow, ice and cold. Made me nostalgic for winter. My kids have never really experienced it. That scene where the kid sticks his tongue to the metal pole, ahhh … That sort of cold.

Today's British newspapers are full of stories about how 2006 is the warmest year on record. I doubt it's much different here. We still haven't had a cold day and it's mid-December. There hasn't been any frost on the grass yet.

Like I said, I was thinking back to my childhood and the cold days of winter while I watched A Christmas Story. I was wondering if kids in my old neighborhood are having a good winter, but then I had a look at and I see that so far there's real no winter there either. No snow and no snow in the forecast. Not even a decent cold day.

Is this the future? Are we doomed to winterless existence thanks to global warming? And, will people mourn the passing of winter? I somehow doubt that too many people are going to be that upset if they don't have to endure the numbing cold that I'm nostaligic for. I guess those who run ski resorts will have to find new employment, but really how many people are going to miss winter?

I guess if I need to experience winter, I could always go to Edmonton.