Monday, December 18, 2006

Google it for yourselves

In his column yesterday Tom McGurk almost dares the reader to google information about his topic. Fair enough, but would it have been too much trouble for him to have done the same?
After the Castro revolution in the late 1950s, the Kennedy administration decided that one socialist hero in Latin America was quite enough and there wasn’t going to be another. They set up a remarkable place called the College of the Americas, originally in Panama and later in Fort Bragg in Texas (Google it on the internet and read on).
I've said before I don't know a lot about the S. American politics during the Cold War and the US role in it. However, as soon as I read this I thought to myself, "Isn't Fort Bragg in N. Carolina"? And you know what? It is. It's in Fayetville, NC.

As for the College of the Americas, I didn't find a whole lot about that. What I did find told me that it was, apparently, located at Fort Benning, which is in Georgia. But, don't believe me, google it for yourself.