Thursday, August 31, 2006

Twenty20 cricket

I don't really know what Twenty 20 cricket is even after reading this explanation. The game is quicker, that much I get. But, I like the references to baseball in this article from the Times (London):
The more interesting qualities that Twenty20 shares with its transatlantic cousin are subtle and rhythmic. Baseball is hugely watchable because the game changes after every pitch. When the ball leaves a pitcher's hand it is destined to be either a ball, a strike or a hit, and each has direct consequences.

Because Twenty20 has only 120 deliveries in an innings, (about the same number of pitches thrown in nine baseball innings), the import, and therefore the excitement, surrounding each is enhanced.

But the real similarity is La Russa's point. Baseball is a constantly snappy, aggressive, intense game. It does not meander. You play hard or you lose.
"Snappy" and "intense" are not two words that I've heard anyone on this side of the ocean use to describe baseball.