Friday, August 11, 2006

Business as usual

I think what amazes me most about the British terror scare is how blasé the British are about the threat. Here you have a couple dozen of their own citizens - middle class citizens - planning mass murder on a vast scale. Even if the planes had exploded over US cities, a large number of the dead would have been British. And, just what would it do to the British tourism industry if Americans are being targeted on their return flights?

At some point the fabric of British society will tear apart if plans like this start to come to fruition. Just how much death and destruction will the British people tolerate before they call for draconian measures specifically aimed at British Muslims? It's illogical to presume that this will never happen. All those anti-discrimination laws and multi-cultural aspirations will be jettisoned and be no protection to Muslims.

The only hope for avoiding this future is for British Muslims to come to the fore in calling for these people to be rooted out and voluntarily call for some tighter surveillance in their neighborhoods. It may be unfair, but this is not the time for British Muslims to just 'get on with their lives'. It is time for them to step up and confront, condemn and exclude from their neighborhoods those who would kill thousands of their fellow citizens.