Friday, March 03, 2006

The EU – always good for a laugh

The whole family was in high spirits this morning after I recounted what I'd read in this article from today's Daily Telegraph. There's a new European Directive - number 2003/20/EC - which will be incorporated into British law later this year (and, I presume, into Irish law at some point). The Directive stipulates that a child must be in a booster seat until they're 11 years old.

I mentioned this over breakfast and everyone enjoyed it. You see, we have a 10 year old daughter who is at least 5'5" tall. The thought of her going back into a booster seat was a source of great merriment. My oldest daughter figured we'd need to buy a car with a sun roof just so that her sister's head wouldn't damage the roof of the car. Our five-year-old son insisted that his sister wasn't going to use his booster seat.

{I found out later than any child over 4'5" will not have to use a booster seat. It wasn't clear in the article. Too bad, would have been fun.}