Thursday, March 30, 2006

25 years ago today

Interesting article on Rudy Giuliani's memories of this day 25 years ago. I can remember March 30, 1981 very clearly. I came home from school and flipped on CNN as I did every afternoon (I was a newshound then) and saw that Ronald Reagan had been shot. I wasn't all emotional or anything, but fascinated. Why would anyone shoot President Reagan? Reagan had only just taken office (he was about 10 weeks in the job) and he could hardly have annoyed anyone that much already. I called a friend of mine to talk about what we were watching.

Six weeks later the Pope was shot. I remember asking the same friend if 1981 was the 'anti-68' (1968 was the year Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy were assassinated) as both of the men who were victims in assassination attempts had survived. Then, in October Muslim fundamentalists succeeded in assassinating Anwar Sadat. So much for the anti-68.