Friday, June 25, 2004

When Bush comes to love

Okay, silly title to this, but no sillier than the ridiculous "When Bush comes to shove" that I see on lamp posts all over Dublin. My wife didn't think it would be a good idea to head into Dublin this evening wearing my Bush Cheney '04 cap.

One thing I find amusing, is that people who know I will be voting for Bush in November seem to assume that I am 100% behind everything the man does as President, that I worship the ground he walks on. Well, that's far from true.

President Bush is one of two mainstream candidates for elected office in a nation of nearly 300m people. That means he heads one massive coalition of various political perspectives and interests. Some of the the policies and priorities that this coalition stands for are not what I'd like. However, overall, I prefer this coalition to the one headed by John Kerry. That's far short of worship.

So, I wasn't swooning with delight as I watched President Bush being interviewed on Prime Time. I find President Bush hard to watch. He often makes me uncomfortable. Last night was no exception, although I didn't think Carole Coleman was really up to the job either. I thought she was trying too hard to sound like a serious journalist and failed, ultimately, to ask any decent questions.

Overall, I'm glad President Bush is coming to Ireland today and I wish him well, but I won't be rushing down to Clare to welcome him.