Saturday, June 19, 2004

Confront N. Korea

Amidst all the stupid arguments about the war to remove Saddam, it's just so refreshing to read an article that makes no inane links to American policies or condemns America for both acting and not acting.

Vaclav Havel calls on all the democracies to unite and confront N. Korea - NOW. Millions have died and still nothing is done. And, which great power is most deserving of condemnation? Well, in what will surely shock all the luvies who are planning their "When Bush Comes to Shove" protest concert, Havel singles out China for sending back thousands to languish and die in N. Korean concentration camps.

I'm not sure I'd favor all out war on N. Korea in the morning, but can we at least agree to stop appeasing the megalomaniac who leads the country?