Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Bord Fáilte loves Tiger

I love this from the NY Times about the Ryder Cup.
Tiger Woods began his week on Monday at the K Club by fishing the River Liffey, which meanders 75 miles, including a scenic stretch of the Palmer course.

After a patient wait, Woods pulled a fish from the water, an achievement that became a quick talking point for the Irish Tourism Board, which did everything but weigh and interview the fish.
I thought I was going to hate the Ryder Cup, but so far anyway, what with the weather, the wacky security arrangements and the coverage in the press I'm enjoying it a lot. I just don't care about golf.

How 'bout this from the Boston Globe.
There are hardly any one-pub villages in Ireland, but this is one of them.

So you'd think getting a stool at the Straffan Inn, or just a good view of the TV, when the 36th Ryder Cup is on at the nearby K Club next week would be a Herculean task. But the real challenge is just getting into Straffan, whose 1,400 residents have gone into a lockdown that conjures images of a zip gun being found in a cell at Alcatraz.
Not everybody's happy, of course, including Bruce Selcraig of the South African Mail & Guardian.
In a country whose courses are famous for legendary sand dunes, demonic bunkers, historic quirkiness (Ballybunion's first tee sports a cemetery) and sight lines that have you looking for church steeples and ancient Celtic ruins, the K Club offers 18 holes of mum's backyard.