Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Posturing activist

If this story featured in the US press I'm sure some Americans would say something like, "Wow those Irish (or Europeans) sure don't like us". The gist of the story is that 'peace activist' Conor Cregan made a citizen's arrest of six American soldiers last Thursday.
"I placed the soldiers under citizen's arrest because these soldiers are not supposed to be walking freely on the streets of Ireland in uniform. It is a breach of the Irish Constitution and Irish neutrality,"he said.
I have no idea if wearing a soldier's fatigues is really illegal or not, but I know for certain that this jerk's behavior is nowhere near representative of how the average Irish person would view these guys walking around Shannon, Co. Clare. How can I be so sure? Well, the Gardai's response is telling.
"I immediately called for the six to stop and said to them 'I am placing you all under citizen's arrest. Do not move'."

The men remained on the footpath as Mr Cregan contacted emergency services. "I was put through to Ennis garda station, but the garda on duty made light of the matter," Mr Cregan said.
I can just imagine how the Guard on the other end of the phone reacted after hanging up. "What a jackass" or something along those lines. Only the Green Party would see this as "an important gesture".