Sunday, June 18, 2006

The post match analysis

I'll be interested to see what the papers have to say about the US soccer team's performance yesterday. Johnny Giles and Liam Brady were not happy with the way the Americans played. Too rough. Over on ITV, Sam Allardyce and Ally McCoist had nothing but praise for their 'courage' in playing Italy to a 1-1 tie.

I have always thought Johnny Giles was heads above anyone else in his on air analysis. I'm not going to now get all offended because Giles made some negative remarks about the manner the Americans went about their business last night. Same goes for Brady, except he unnecessarily veered off towards the political when Bill brought up some of the pre-match comments from a few of the US players.

Bill O'Herlihy brought up some of the comments about "playing for the troops in Iraq" (something that was said by the Italians about their troops first) and about the game being a "war" (in fact, it was that the tournament was like a war). Brady said that this was like the language used by the President, but in reality the language was like what you'd normally hear about a football game/season. Football American-style is often discussed in those sort of rah-rah military terms.

So, it's just another example of someone talking about something to do with the US that he really doesn't know/understand. Brady should stick to football (soccer).