Friday, October 08, 2010

James Ellroy's book told me all I needed to know about him

I was pleased yesterday to learn that my impression of the author of The Cold Six Thousand was right on the money. I heard some of the Matt Cooper's interview with James Ellroy yesterday and the guy is as big a jerk as I would have expected.

I had never heard of Ellroy when I was given this book, but I thought it was awful. I have no idea if Ellroy is considered good or bad, but I thought this is a book by a guy who has spent his life trying to be cool. Everything about the book - the language, tone, even his sentence structure (or lack of it) - shouted to me, "You gotta live on the edge, man."

Yesterday, he walked out on Cooper when Cooper started asking questions about things Ellroy had written in his autobiography. Ellroy got annoyed when Cooper asked him about some of the racier, edgier details in the book. Then he got all high and mighty and walked out. Totally full of himself, his greatness, his relevance and an ignoramus too. Just as I'd imagined.