Monday, April 27, 2009

Mullen & the wedding invite

No, I wasn't expecting an invite to the former Ambassador's wedding in Celbridge over the weekend. If he wasn't inclined to ask me over for a bite on Thanksgiving Day or to crack open a beer or two on Super Bowl Sunday I hardly expected Tom Foley to invite me to his and his new bride's big day.
Good luck, Mr. Ambassador, and if you happen to run into Dan Rooney on your travels you could lie and tell him that we met regularly and that I'm great company.
What I want to say about Ambassador Foley's wedding is what was Larry Mullen doing there? Back in December he said he "cringes" when he sees Bono hanging around with the two "war criminals" George Bush & Tony Blair. Well, if George Bush is a "war criminal" why would you be friendly with his appointed representative in Ireland? I could be wrong, but I kind of doubt that Mullen was a friend of Foley's before Foley took up his post here, which was long after the 2003 Iraq War.