Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Next stop Aviva Stadium - NOT

Good for the MTA. That's the Metropolitan Transit Authority, New York's public transport body. The MTA is refusing to use Citigroup's name on the subway stop where the Mets' new stadium - Citi Field - is. The station used to be known as Willets Point/Shea Stadium, but now the stop will be Mets/Willets Point. (Not sure why Willents Point got bumped to 2nd place.)

The MTA wanted to be paid for advertising Citigroup, but the more or less bankrupt advertisement for mismanagement said 'No'. Okay. So the MTA said 'No' to their name on the subway stop and all those subway maps, etc.

I hope the Dublin public transport authorities have the same sense. The new rugby/soccer stadium going up where the old Lansdowne Road stadium was will be known as Aviva Stadium. Fine, but the DART stop there better not use the name Aviva unless Aviva is paying for it. Otherwise, stick with Lansdowne Road.