Sunday, February 01, 2009

Good luck with that, Joe

RTE editor Joe Zefran is suing the Obama Inauguration committee for "emotional distress". Poor ol Joe had bought tickets for the 'neighborhood ball' online, but "because they were purchased too late for them to be sent to him by post, he was told they would be available for collection at the event itself". {added} Unfortunately, there was no place for Joe to collect his tickets.

Not only is Joe out the price of the tickets, but he also spent "€55 on a haircut and other money on a tuxedo for the evening and would be seeking a refund for these expenses". I was on his side until I read that bit about his haircut. My haircuts cost €12. Why is he spending so much on his hair? Rather than suing the inauguration committee he should think about finding a new barber. In no time he'll recoup his lost $250.