Friday, February 20, 2009

For sale in Buffalo - get em while they're hot(?)

The Irish Independent's property pages features a rental property in Buffalo, NY. {Why? I have no idea. I would have imagined that the whole overseas property thing was over now.}

It reminded me of the day - must be 10 years ago when I was working for Citibank here. I was talking with a bunch of younger employees - younger by 15 years or so - and they were asking me about Buffalo. All they knew about it was that they had to regularly deal with people working in Citibank's office in Buffalo.

They wanted to know what Buffalo was like. They'd been talking about it and they'd decided that it was a modern town, with mountains near-by full of healthy living people with western/cowboy-like virtues. How sad. I suggested that they were probably thinking of Boulder, Colorado and not Buffalo, NY. (They didn't even know Buffalo was in New York.)

By the time I'd finished with my description of Buffalo - a rust belt city with Arctic like winters (only snowier!) - their romantic visions of business trips to Buffalo were gone. Even the promise of Niagara Falls near-by held little appeal.