Thursday, October 02, 2008

It's time to grow up, Fine Gael

Richard Bruton has been fantastic this past week or so. I can't say I ever paid much attention to him in the past, but right now I'd like to see him ascend to the leadership of the party. I can't take Enda Kenny seriously and have no faith that he'd be any improvement on the "who started this fire" crowd of pyromaniacs currently running this state.

And the first thing Richard Bruton has to do is to put Lucinda Creighton so far down the back benches that she's never heard of again. Uggh. First she blurts out nonsense about American foreign policy during the Lisbon Treaty campaign and now she blurts out a ridiculous Hitler analogy for Brian Lenihan and the bank rescue plan. Sheesh.

Come on Fine Gael. You can do it. If you wanna be the big cheese you gotta act the part.