Friday, October 10, 2008

Greens cause cancer?

This is for Bishop, err, Minister Gormley.
Health officials issued a warning over energy-saving lightbulbs yesterday after research showed that some types could potentially harm the skin and even raise the risk of cancer.

A study by the Health Protection Agency found that some unencapsulated fluorescent lightbulbs, which have a coil that is visible, emitted ultraviolet (UV) radiation above the recognised safety limits.
We're less than three months from the ban on selling (possessing? - does anyone know?) incandescent bulbs.

UPDATE: Just found this in today's news from RTE.
Environment Minister, John Gormley's bright idea is to phase out the sale of energy inefficient bulbs in a four stage process; the first to go, from March, will be traditional bulbs with an electrical power consumption rating of 75 Watts or more.