Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Not for one minute do I believe that limiting the number of competitors seeking my custom will be to my benefit (or any consumer's), but the so-called Competition Authority (is it supposed to to attempt to prevent competition?) prefers that solution to local garbage collection.

The Competition Authority
said it is in favour of single operators if the arrangement was more economical in an area.
It said competition should take place at the tendering stage when operators would offer their services at competitive rates, before an operator was chosen.
In other words, every consumer should be treated as identical. Well, you know what? We aren't. I've worked hard to reduce the amount of garbage produced in my house. And, I shopped around to find the best deal among the waste collectors operating in my area.

My annual bill is probably less than a third of most people who live near me. I know it would cost me big to go back to the situation we had when we had only one waste collection company, whose only concern was catching the eye of some local councillors. No thank you. Keep the competition.