Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Matt Murphy from Queens

On a whim Matt Murphy and his friend decided to go to see the Giants and Nationals in San Francisco last night. They're traveling to Australia and had just finished the first leg of their trip. Murphy and his friend got seats way out – about 430 feet from home plate. Not great seats, but not bad either when you consider the situation.

The Giants' Barry Bonds needed only one home run to break the all-time record. Last night he hit it and, following what looked like a deadly scrum (you can see some of that here ), Murphy emerged with the ball. The ball is all his and will probably earn him at least a cool half million bucks. When I saw how battered and dazed he looked as police escorted him out of the stadium I wondered if he thought it was worth it.

The best part of this story is that Murphy's from Queens and he's a Met fan.
When the pile cleared, a guy in a Jose Reyes Mets jersey -- Murphy -- emerged with the ball in hand.

"We thought he was wearing a Dodgers jersey," Ryder said. "New York is almost as bad."
"Almost as bad" – good job Matt. It's always good to annoy Californians.

Obviously, Bonds's homer is a big story in the US. Even the BBC has a report on Bonds's homer. But, for many fans Bonds's unlikeable personality and the allegations that he took steroids have really taken the joy out of this achievement. It's pretty much, 'Ok, now let's get on with the games'.