Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Civilized flying

Back in the old days they had proper table settings, top restaurant type service, cocktail bars, etc., but they never had live in-flight sports on t.v. I hadn't realized that this was going on. I'm looking forward to the day when I can catch two baseball games on a flight between New York and Dublin.

But, as the Times notes, there can be a downside to watching games on a flight, unless you're on a flight with the airline's CEO.
When it arrives at the gate at its destination, the TV screens may be turned off at exactly the wrong moment. Hodas, the Frontier spokesman, said he heard about this from Frontier's chief executive.

"The year before last, Jeff Potter, our C.E.O., was on the plane the evening of the Super Bowl," Hodas said. "They pulled into the gate with three or four minutes left in the game. No one wanted to get off the plane, so Jeff went up to the captain and said, 'Let's just sit until the game's over.' The captain made the announcement, and Jeff, along with everyone else, sat there and watched the end of the game."