Friday, March 02, 2007

The bullpen coach is using EPO

If the common sense approach makes too much sense then surely someone in a position of power will seek a less sensible approach before long. I don't know if this is an old adage or just my own confused ramblings, but that's about the best description of Major League Baseball that I can come up with after reading this.
A newly released and obtained 5-page memo from Commissioner Selig, outlining the breadth and width of attempts to eradicate drug use in MLB—including steroids—all personnel—players (Major and Minor League), non-players (Major and Minor League), Umpires (MLB), executives (Club front office personnel, managers, coaches, trainers), and the Office of the Commissioner (all employees of the Office of the Commissioner, MLB Enterprises, MLB Properties, MLB International, MLB Productions, and MLB Advanced Media)—will fall under the testing program as the players now currently have: unannounced testing for banned substances, including steroids.
As a fan of the game, I can tell you that it's been my suspicion for a long time that the groundskeepers were using steroids. I mean I've actually seen some of them do a little dance as they drag the infield after the fifth inning. That kind of stamina ain't natural. And the umpires? Well, clearly some of them are using growth hormones, only I think they've mistakenly grabbed the kind used to fatten cattle and not those that help humans grow muscle.

I still don't understand why MLB finds this so difficult. There are plenty of working models out there. WADA is always on hand to advise, etc. There's no need to reinvent the wheel.

This idea of testing all the coaching staff and front office/clubhouse people is a joke. Do we really care if the guy who carries the equipment bag is injecting or ingesting steroids and other strength drugs? No. Only the players matter.

How do Mr. Selig, the owners and the players not understand this simple truth - performance enhancing drugs have the potential to ruin the sport. Sure, when the fans didn't know anything was going on all was (seemed) rosy. But the cat's out of the bag and they have to get serious now.