Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Doing background checks

I just went to Google and searched for "Michael E. Sachs". The first item was a site called sells reports about doctors. I didn't buy one, but they do have one available about Dr. Michael Sachs for $7.95. I'd love to know if the Sunday Independent bought one. From the one sample I saw, it looks like they'd have received a fair amount of information from which to build a better profile on Dr. Sachs before getting in too deep with him for their feature story.

This from the Times's article really bothers me
"If this guy is fit to practice medicine in the United States, who are we to say he's not fit to practice?" said Brendan O'Connor, the editor of The Sunday Independent magazine.
It's not a matter of saying whether Dr. Sachs is "fit to practice", but whether he's running the type of medical practice that the Sunday Independent should be promoting (and that is what their article did for Dr. Sachs).