Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Day of Mourning - last word

When I hear young people (or even those my own age) moaning or complaining my instinct is to tell them to 'get a grip, stop whining and get on with it'. Yet, when I hear old people complain, for some inexplicable reason, I'm sympathetic. Probably too much so.

Yesterday I went back on my original view that any National Day of Mourning for John Paul II shouldn't involve a day off. I was swayed by a few conversations I overheard that we should have a full Day of Mourning. However, after reading Frank's comments I'm changing my mind again. I'm also sympathetic to small businesses and I accept that these impromptu holidays are too great a cost.

So, now what?

Right off the Bishops should declare Sunday John Paul II Day. Regardless of whether anyone pays attention or not they should "be not afraid" and stick their necks out. Ask Catholics to refrain from shopping or attending football matches or going to the pub or whatever. Maybe the Bishops will look foolish when nobody seems to pay them any attention, but so what? Catholics should be asked to lobby sporting organizations to cancel all games this Sunday.

I also think the state should declare Sunday John Paul II Day. As I've stated here and here John Paul II was not only a great religious leader, but also a hero of the European Union, which I think should justify state recognition. Mandating that the pubs stay closed as a mark of respect is not too great a step.