Monday, July 26, 2004


I'm in Montreal this morning. I've never been here before. Walked around a good bit yesterday. I was surprised by the large numbers of homeless/begging people here. Hadn't anticipated anything like that. Totally different from what I remember of Toronto (1990).

One other thing I've noticed is that there's a greater formality here than there is in the US or even Ontario. Probably the French influence. I guess I hadn't really expected that.

I'm curious to see if I detect any over anti-American attitudes in my short stay. I've seen a couple of tee shirts with Presdient Bush's face and the word "Terrorist" beneath, but that's about all. The fact that I can't speak or read French will probably make it harder to know what people think.

I'm going to see the Mets here tonight. Unfortunately, the beloved hometown team has been playing pretty badly the past two weeks. I hope they can win this game, at least.