Saturday, December 13, 2003

Vincent Browne radio show

I agree with this first paragraph from a column in today's Irish Independent (author not given).
Anyone who did not hear Vincent Browne's programme on Radio One on Wednesday last, the night Judge Barron's report was issued, should beg, borrow or steal a tape of it. This was public service broadcasting at its best - immediate, probing, concerned, critical, compassionate.
It was a great program, and I don't generally like V. Browne. Too much pontificating. But, on this night, his tone, his deference to the victims and their families was just right. Perhaps because he himself was so close to what happened that day.

{I'm not sure what is meant by "public service broadcasting". If the writer meant to imply that only a license-fee funded station could rise to this level, that's nonsense. There's no reason to believe that a commercial radio station couldn't have produced/broadcast this show.}