Saturday, September 20, 2003

"Think Different" - about the Dalai Lama

The other day I professed to not knowing too much about the Dalai Lama. Apple Computers uses the Dalai Lama in it's "Think Different" advertising camapaign, although not in Asia, where he's apparently not famous enough for their ads.

Turns out, he's in favor of India's thermonuclear tests, as reported by Christopher Hitchens writing in Hitchens lists other Dalai Lama views or actions that he finds more objectionable than I do, but are still not what I would have expected. I'm certainly thinking differently about the Dalai Lama today.

Overall, I find him less objectionable now than I did three days ago when all I really knew of him was what I heard from Richard Gere.

Thanks to Michael Kelemen for sending me the link.