Monday, September 15, 2003

Arrogance of monopoly

A company called Greenstar, which I had never heard of until this weekend, has apparently taken over our local refuse collection company. This weekend, they put a leaflet through my door telling me that from October 1, they are cancelling one of our weekly collections in favor of a recycling collection.

I have already paid for 52 collections this year, but with three months left they are changing the contract. I was just on the phone a minute ago and I was told that I was unlikely to get a refund for the three collections that I will not now be receiving.

I would have no problem with this if it were introduced at the beginning of the year, when I would then be able to evaluate whether I wanted to pay for such a service. I would also have no problem complying with their wishes if they were providing an additional recycling collection.

And, the real topper, there are two different companies collecting refuse in my neighborhood. However, I have also found out that Greenstar owns both of these! No wonder they don't give a damn about the customer.