Saturday, December 05, 2020

Stop carding me

Okay America. Enough is enough. When I was asked for ID 20 years ago at the supermarket checkout for my beer purchase I thought it was kind of amusing. I jokingly claimed I still looked 20 (I was 36).

But now? It's really annoying. Is it a chore having to take my license out of my wallet to show the clerk? No, but the woman is my age and she KNOWS I'm over 21. Everyone knows. There is no possibility of a mistake. Even in the pitch black I look over 50.

Last night at Market 32 (aka Price Chopper) I was tempted to just walk out without the beer or the long list of groceries I had because I was asked for ID despite the fact the store's posted policy says anyone under 40 MAY be asked. I'm 55 for God's sake. Leave me alone.