Friday, August 29, 2008

Convention mania

I have to admit my post-vacation torpor (not sure I've used this word correctly, but I like it) has kept me from paying any attention whatsoever to the convention in Denver. I know that's neglectful of me, but the conventions are only pep rallies and I can't see what I'd get from the Democrats' pep rally.

From what little attention I did pay to this week's convention I doubt I missed anything because Hillary, Bill, & Biden I've seen many times. I guess I kind of wish I'd seen Even Bayh because I haven't seen all that much of him. Same with Senator Casey. Still, the little I did read about either of those two speeches makes me think I missed anything great.

I'm half wondering if I'll have any interest in the Republican convention because I kind of doubt it. Maybe if the Republicans find someone interesting or fresh to speak. Maybe. Governor Palin? Maybe.